COVID 19 - What you can do to stay healthy when visiting the vets

To prevent overloading the NHS we need to slow the spread of coronavirus. We do this by avoiding unnecessary contact, but pets still get ill and will need treatment. The principles here are all designed to help you get in and out of the surgery with minimal contact with other people

Social distancing stops the NHS from becoming overloaded
  1. Unless an emergency all consultations will be via our video consult service or via a telephone consultation
  2. If you’re ill or otherwise self-isolating please don’t come in – even in an emergency: ask for someone else to bring your pet in, use our video consult service or our pickup / dropoff service
  3. If you need to speak to a vet during a consultation we will call you – so please bring your mobile phone.
  4. Please arrive on time, not beforehand
  5. Our team will ask you to wait in your car (if you’re in one) – we’ll come and get your pet when we’re ready. Only in exceptional circumstances will you be able to accompany your pet into the surgery building
  6. Only 1 person per pet or group of pets please unless necessary. If you can leave the kids or your partner at home please do
  7. Instead of inviting you in for post op checks we will invite you to send videos or photos of surgical sites to us. If they need a physical examination we can of course still do that
  8. Please don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands!
  9. We are now running a skeleton team – please bear with us if you need to speak to a particular member of staff
  10. Ask for medications to be posted to you. We can do this for everything (including flea and worm products) except Controlled Drugs (Epiphen, Tramadol, Gabapentin)
  11. Vaccinations: In order to minimise people in the building we are no longer offering primary or booster vaccinations – however we can still give the second vaccination to complete a primary course
  12. We have temporarily cancelled cuddle clinics and adolescent health checks. If your pet is due a 6 month routine health check under the health plan scheme please consider delaying.

Remember- animals can’t catch or spread COVID 19 except through contamination in their coats much like a door handle.