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Free Cuddle Clinics

Keeping your pet relaxed at the vets

Even though it’s full of lovely people, a veterinary practice can be a scary place for young or anxious pets. Unfamiliar smells, noises and memories can all lead to a stressful experience.

That’s why we’ve started our free Cuddle Clinics. During a cuddle clinic one of our nurses will sit with you and your pet and give them nothing but fuss, love and treats. We’ll work with you on any particular sensitive areas for them – our goal is to make your pet relaxed here in the surgery.

We’ll spend as long as it takes to try to get your pet feeling a little calmer. Good first impressions for puppies and kittens make a lifelong difference, and replacing bad memories with good ones can really help older pets. Over time we can turn a stressful trip to the vets into an enjoyable outing.

Top tips

  • Leave plenty of time on the day of the visit - your pet will pick up on your stress
  • If your pet hates the waiting room and there’s a delay, tell reception you’ll wait in the car or outside

Top tips for cats

  • Start your preparation early – get the cat box down the night before
  • Keep doors locked the morning of the clinic
  • Consider using a pheremone spray in the box to calm them, or simply use a tea towel to wipe your cat’s face then wipe the inside of the box with the towel. Leave the towel in the box with them.

Booking In

Our cuddle clinics are completely free – just call us on 01295 712110 or book in online.

For pets with any health concerns please book a regular consultation with one of our vets.