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Video Consultations

Have you told us how you want to be contacted? We can use WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger or we can arrange a web conference on your PC/ laptop.

  • WhatsApp – we need the mobile number of the phone you’ll be using
  • Skype – we need your Skype username, and you may need to accept our contact request depending on privacy settings
  • Facetime – make sure we have your Apple ID and you can accept calls
  • Facebook – you need to “friend” us on Facebook so we can call you:
  • PC/ laptop – you’ll need a webcam and speakers/ microphone

Quiet environment – please turn off all televisions, radios and other sources of background noise. Avoid kitchens with appliances running in background

Good lighting – turn on as many lights as you can and make best use of daylight (gardens are a great place if safe). Avoid having a light source immediately behind you or your pet

Make sure you pet is physically present and contained in the room you will be having the consult in. If they are particularly wriggly you might need a helper.

Try to have 2 people – 1 person filming, 1 person answering questions and handling your pet. Use the main camera on your phone (you may need to reverse the camera using the icon – you may need to tap on the screen to show it)

Ensure whoever is operating the camera is familiar with the app you are using

Make sure you have a good internet connection (ideally full WiFi or 4G). Stop all streaming tv and games whilst the consultation takes place. If your connection is slow, stop WiFi and Use 4G or vice-versa

Send well lit and focused pictures of the problem to us first on . Send 1 photo per email to avoid email file size limits