What a mess!

Keeping the house clean with pets is tough- mud, blood and hair are all part of the package. I asked my friend and neighbour Mark Smith of @surfaceclean for a few tips on keeping the forces of dirt at bay.

I’ve recently been called out to a couple of jobs to clean stains left by animals, urine and vomit. Early intervention is alway the best! Cleaning carried out correctly by the house holder can save your carpet but carried out incorrectly can make matters worse!

The first thing I always ask someone when they call me regarding a stain is, have you rubbed it? Most times the answer is yes, because this is the natural thing to do. If a stain on a carpet has been rubbed, even if it is possible to remove the stain, the carpet pile can be permanently damaged.

If your pet has an accident, the first thing to do is remove any solids by carefully scraping it up and working from the outside in. Liquids need to be blotted using absorbent cloth or white kitchen towel. Apply lots of pressure to absorb as much as possible. Don’t be tempted to rub!

Once you have removed as much as possible, you can apply a cleaner to reduce the stain.

We find a weak solution of biological washing powder in warm water is excellent at cleaning up stains left by messing or marking in the house, and ezymatically breaking down pheremones in the urine can prevent repeat marking of the site. Worth mentioning that if urine soaks through to the underlay or floor boards these will need to be cleaned too. However, test any cleaning products on a small patch first!

If you’ve got a serious problem then I can really recommend Mark- and he’s a lovely guy too! He’s on 01295 236345 or at https://www.facebook.com/surfacecleanbanbury/