Casenotes Vol. 10
Choosing and training gundogs, what to look out for in insurance polices, and the Bark in the Park dog show is cancelled due to high temperatures.
Wow- seriously fab weather. Personally, I love it, but many of us and our dogs don’t. Please be careful to only walk during the cool of the morning and evening, and pay special attention to long haired, flat faced or overweight pets- John

Top 10 ways your insurance policy can let you down

We deal an awful lot with insurance companies, and I think I’ve seen every trick in the book when it comes to reducing the payout they give you! So, what are the top issues that cause problems in pay out? (and I’m excluding simple reasons like taking out a policy when the condition already exists!)

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Video: Courtney and Craig Killpack of Craigscourt Gundogs

I’ve known Craig and Courtney for many years and can attest to their skill and dedication with their dogs. They take us through choosing and training a gundog pup, tips on getting the best out of your dog and we talk about how else these dogs can shine other than on a shoot.

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Bark in the Park Dog show cancelled

With temperatures set to hit 30C this weekend, we’ve advised Banbury Council that the dog show should be cancelled for this Sunday. Sorry to everyone who planned to attend, but the risk of the heat causing a serious problem was just too great. We’ll keep you informed about other dog shows on the horizon.

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