Casenotes Vol. 7 - Hope for joint pain and all about agility dogs
This week- an exciting surgery announcement about the future treatment of joint pain, a video with the lovely Sarah on agility dogs, and vet nurse Rachel
I can’t tell you how excited I am at the moment! Not only did I get to learn about the sport of agility dogs with Sarah this week, but we are launching a new service here at the surgery- stem cell therapy. Sarah talks about the health of athletic dogs, but sometimes things go wrong and that’s where we step in.Stem cell therapy offers dogs and cats with arthritis or other soft tissue injures new hope- and it’s drug free! You’ve got to read my blog on it!- John

We’re now offering stem cell therapy!

Perhaps one of the more important developments over the last few years is the use of stem cell therapy, and I’m delighted to say we’re now offering it here at Mansion Hill! If you have a dog or cat on pain killers for arthritis, or other muscle or joint problems, and you want to reduce or stop the drugs then you need to read this.

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Video: A chat about agility dogs with Sarah Lund

The very lovely Sarah agreed to speak to me about doing agility with your dog. We had a great chat and I learnt loads. If I didn’t have useless lurchers I’d be there! Apologies for sound quality on Sarah’s end- I’m still learning how to do this ?

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Team Focus: Rachel Webber

I think we’ve got a wonderful team, and to round off Vet Nurse appreciation month, this week we talked to Rachel:”I qualified in as an RVN 2013 and joined Mansion Hill last October.I love the daily variety of my job; from assisting and preparing patients for planned operations in theatre to closely monitoring critically ill inpatients. I find the most rewarding aspect of nursing is caring for inpatients, where our close nursing observations and interventions can make a huge contribution to our patients’ recovery.I run the monthly puppy parties and enjoy welcoming our new arrivals to the practice and offering advice to owners. It’s lovely to see puppies make new friends and gain confidence in coming to the practice.Though it can at times be an emotionally challenging job, in contrast, the most rewarding part is knowing that I’ve made a difference to the welfare of an animal in my care.”