Microchip ends Tiny’s 4 day drain ordeal!

Tiny’s happy ending is yet another example of where microchipping really works, and his vets, Mansion Hill Veterinary Practice in Middleton Cheney, are participating in National Microchipping Month this June to encourage more owners to get their animals chipped.

“We had been enjoying a walk around Stoneleigh Park when Tiny disappeared from view and went missing,” explains Penny Shaw, Tiny’s owner. “I became increasingly worried when Tiny was nowhere to be seen after hours of searching. More people joined in the search for him, and we alerted local dog wardens, vets and even radio stations in the hope that Tiny may have been sighted. But after three days of searching, there was no news and the trail was cold.”

The following day, two riders were exercising their horses close where Tiny was last seen. They stopped, convinced they could hear faint barking, but where was it coming from? Getting off their horses to investigate, the riders were shocked to hear that the barking was coming from underneath a nearby storm drain, and quickly set about the drain with pen knives to lever it open. With the cover quickly off, a little dog was revealed, blinking in the daylight, hungry, thirsty, a little dazed, but otherwise in good health.

Tiny had been rescued! But his collar had come off during the ordeal so the riders had no idea who he belonged to. “Luckily, Tiny was microchipped, so when the riders took him to the local police station, he was scanned and the police were able to contact us straight away” explains Penny.

John Taylor, Tiny’s vet and proprietor of Mansion Hill Veterinary Practice agrees that Microchips are invaluable for safeguarding our animals. “A good first defence for our pets is to fit an identification tag to the collar, but there’s always the risk these can be removed or may fall off. A microchip lasts a lifetime and is one of the only ways to permanently identify your animal,” he explains.

“With so many stray cats and dogs handed into the surgery every month, we are ardent supporter of microchipping,” continues John. “Microchipped animals are generally reunited with their owners in hours. Without identification, this process can take many days.”

“Tiny was obviously in shock from his scary adventure,” Penny concludes, “but we were so pleased to have him home and it only took a few days for him to get back to his usual mischievous self!”