Middleton Vet gets ‘Tough Guy’ status

On Sunday 27th January, local vet John Taylor of Mansion Hill Veterinary Practice, Middleton Cheney, completed the UK’s most extreme adventure race – the Tough Guy Challenge.

Thanks go to all that sponsored him, with pledges totalling over £800 for NANNA & the Tough Guy organiser’s own horse sanctuary. Sponsorship money is now being collected at the practice in Middleton Cheney, so if you haven’t done so already, please drop in those pennies or send us your cheques (payable to NANNA please).

“Tough Guy is everything it says it is,” says John, “excruciatingly hard and designed to break you! The obstacles just keep coming and getting tougher, but when you hit a low point there is always a helping hand or a cheer from the crowd to urge you on.”

John goes on to describe one of the obstacles he faced along the way, “the Behemoth is a 50 foot high A-framed nightmare of cargo netting and rope traverses, then it’s through a forest of dangling electric fencing strips designed to send the wet runner on his way with a belt of electricity!”

“but it’s not the individual obstacles that are the challenge,” he adds, “the whole course is designed to sap your energy and break your will to keep going.”

“The winner isn’t the one who comes first, but everyone who puts themselves to the test and finds reserves they never thought they had. Spirit and comradeship are what this race is all about, and I’ll definitely be back to do it again next year!” John concludes, “it was brilliant!”.

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