Our Surgical Guarantee

Looking after your pet

Complications happen!

They are an unavoidable fact of surgery, and whilst not every case smoothly recovers to a perfect outcome we will always try our hardest to reach that ideal.

No blame

Animals will be animals and we appreciate that whilst we hope you will comply diligently with our discharge instructions, accidents do sometimes happen, especially when your back is turned! Our focus is always on helping your pet to recover rather than apportioning blame if the worst does happen.

Our Warranty

If a post operative complication occurs that is directly related to the surgery we have performed, we will undertake further treatment here at the surgery to fix that complication at no further cost to you.

What it does not cover

  1. Complications due to discussed and agreed reasonable surgical risk e.g. after removing an intestinal foreign body we cannot guarantee the repair to the intestine will hold due to risk from damage from the foreign body
  2. Return to pre-disease function e.g. we cannot guarantee that a dog with a ruptured cruciate ligament or other orthopaedic problem will be 100% sound after surgery
  3. Complications due to not following the post operative care advice e.g. allowing pet to chew wound.
  4. Fees from anyone other than Mansion Hill Veterinary Practice.‚Äč

Warranty Conditions

  1. You have not allowed your pet to lick, chew, scratch or traumatise the wound or stitches. We will adjust pain relief and supply Elizabethan collars and dressings without charge (on request if not supplied at discharge) to prevent this.
  2. You have diligently complied with the discharge instructions, especially with regard to post-operative exercise.
  3. “Post-operative complications” relates to conditions occurring as a direct result of the surgery and presented to us within 8 calendar weeks of the original surgery.
  4. All post-operative complications must be presented, without undue delay to us. This warranty will cover only those treatments performed at Mansion Hill Vets.
  5. We can accept no responsibility for treatment performed, or costs incurred, at other veterinary practices or elsewhere. In case of emergency consult Mansion Hill Vets.
  6. The responsibility for transporting your pet to and from our practice, including costs incurred, remains yours (the owner).
  7. This warranty is activated with settlement of the invoice (in accordance with our normal terms) for the original surgical procedure and does not impair your statutory rights.