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Sedate to perform consult exam£86.00
Consultation - FOC Prescription flea wormer check£0.00
Consultation - free dental check£0.00
Consultation - Missed or cancelled consultation less than 24 hours£50.00
Consultation - Missed or cancelled procedure less than 24 hours£100.00
Consultation: 6 month practice plan check£0.00
Consultation: Adolescent Health Check£0.00
Consultation: Behavioural£50.00
Consultation: nurse£35.00
Consultation: Out of hours surcharge£150.00
Consultation: Post operative check£0.00
Consultation: Prescription Check£50.00
Consultation: rats/mice£30.00
Consultation: re-examination & update treatment plan£50.00
Consultation: small furries (Guinea pig and smaller,birds)£35.00
Primary course vaccinations Dog & Healthcheck£65.00
Primary course vaccinations Dog (second vaccination) & Healthcheck£0.00
Vaccination booster Dog & Healthcheck£55.00
Vaccination booster: Kennel Cough vaccination£28.00
Vaccination Rabbit Myxo + HVD1£39.00
Vaccination Rabbit Myxo + HVD1 + HVD2£74.00
Vaccination Rabbit Myxo + HVD1 - Voucher from Crofts Pet Shop£0.00
Vaccination Titre Test£55.00
Routine surgeries
Castrate Cat£63.00
Castrate Dog£180.00
Castrate Dog + dew claw removal£310.00
Castrate Dog + dew claw removal£260.00
Castrate Dog + umbilical hernia repair£260.00
Castrate Dog Cryptorchid£410.00
Castrate Guinea Pig£63.00
Castrate Rabbit£87.00
Dental GA + drugs£150.00
Dental teeth additional Canines / molars per tooth£18.00
Dental teeth additional Incisors and Premolars per tooth£10.00
Dental teeth Upper Carnassials per tooth£43.00
Laparoscopic Spay Dog£440.00
Spay Cat£87.00
Spay Dog£260.00
Spay Ferret£87.00
Spay Rabbit£110.00
Lab tests
In House Lab: ACTH Stimulation test£220.00
In House Lab: Bile Acid Test£58.00
In House Lab: Canine Pancreatic Lipase test£130.00
In House Lab: Cortisol test£70.00
In House Lab: Electrolytes test£54.00
In House Lab: Feline Pancreatic Lipase£110.00
In House Lab: Fructosamine£22.00
In House Lab: Full blood + electrolytes test£170.00
In House Lab: General Health Profile (biochem + haematology)£110.00
In House Lab: Giardia£29.00
In House Lab: Glucose Blood test£15.00
In House Lab: Haematology£31.00
In House Lab: Ketone blood test£21.00
In House Lab: Measure Packed Cell Volume£11.00
In House Lab: NSAID blood test check£43.00
In House Lab: Pre operative blood screen (biochem + haematology)£54.00
In House Lab: SDMA£47.00
In House Lab: Thyroid Level Blood Test£55.00
In House Lab: Urinalysis£24.00
In House Lab: Urine protein:creatinine ratio£42.00
Other services
Sedate + fit oesophageal feeding tube £300.00
Abdominal Laprascopic Examination icl. Biopsies£1,000.00
Administration Chemotherapy + Disposal Cytotoxic Waste£280.00
Airway Surgery - Laryngeal tie back£2,200.00
Airway Surgery - Soft Palate resection / Folded flap palatoplasty£2,200.00
Airway Surgery - Tonsillectomy£470.00
Airway Surgery- Everted laryngeal saccules£470.00
Alar fold corrective surgery£1,000.00
Alizin course injections for misalliance£0.00
Amputate leg (reptile)£470.00
Amputate Leg Cat£1,000.00
Amputate toe£470.00
Anal gland removal£1,000.00
Arthrodesis Cat£1,700.00
Blood transfusion£410.00
Caesarian Dog£1,000.00
Canine Urethrostomy£1,700.00
Cherry eye replacement - 1 eye pocket method£1,000.00
Closed reduction hip luxation£1,000.00
Copy of Luxated Patella Repair - TCT and Sulcoplasty£2,200.00
Cruciate repair - over the top AND lateral suture £1,700.00
Cruciate repair - over the top OR lateral suture £1,000.00
CSF tap dog£470.00
Cytology and microscopy£37.00
Debride and Stitch Wound - over 5 cm OR very contaminated incl GA/sed£1,000.00
Diagnostic Arthroscopy£1,300.00
Drain salivary mucocele£300.00
Electroylitic removal ectopic cilia (per eye)£300.00
Enterotomy Dog£1,700.00
Exploratory Laparotomy£1,700.00
Explore paw under sedation/ anaesthesia - less complex£330.00
Explore paw under sedation/ anaesthesia requiring full theatre and surgery£700.00
Eyelid Lump removal£470.00
Femoral Head and Neck Excision£2,200.00
FLUIDS Set up and monitor CRI BLK/MLK per 24h £160.00
FLUIDS Set up and monitor fluids per 24h£160.00
FLUIDS Set up and monitor methadone CRI per 24h £160.00
Flush Anal Glands£210.00
Flush Ears£300.00
Flush tear ducts£300.00
Glucose curve (up to 12 hour)£160.00
Hip toggle repair for luxation£2,200.00
In house biochemistry£10.00
Initial Scale, examination and xrays£170.00
Joint aquamid injection 3-4 joints£310.00
Joint aquamid injection up to 2 joints£210.00
Joint injection£300.00
Juvenile pubic symphysiodesis£1,700.00
Laparoscopic Exploratory Laparotomy£1,000.00
Large or Double Hernia Repair£470.00
Lateral Humeral Condyle / IOHC Fracture Repair£2,800.00
Lateral Wall Resection£1,000.00
Lump removal: additional to another surgery£81.00
Lump removal: Complex (requiring significant surgery)£1,700.00
Lump removal: less than 5cm in skin£470.00
Lump removal: more than 5cm in skin£1,000.00
Lump removal: rat less than 3cm diameter£96.00
Lump removal: rat more than 3cm diameter£150.00
Luxated Patella Repair - RidgeStop + TCT£2,800.00
Luxated Patella Repair - RidgeStop only£2,200.00
Luxated Patella Repair Cat - TCT or Sulcoplasty£1,300.00
Luxated Patella Repair Dog - TCT or Sulcoplasty£1,700.00
Medial Coronoid Process, Fragment removal and BURPS£1,700.00
Metastasis check xrays£280.00
Mini Arthrotomy£1,700.00
MMP TTA£2,800.00
Orthopaedic postop 4w XRay£0.00
Osurnia Course (2 applications) both ears£193.54
Osurnia Course (2 applications) one ear£150.00
Pack Bone biopsy £470.00
Pin and plate long bone£2,800.00
Pin long bone£1,000.00
Pin Long Bone +/- cerclage wire£1,700.00
Place contact lens£30.00
Premate serial testing (up to 5 blood samples) - includes sampling + premate£92.00
Prophylactic IOHC repair£2,200.00
Prostate Omentalisation£1,700.00
PRP treatment£1,000.00
Pyometra / Post Pyometra£1,300.00
Remove adult forelimb dewclaws£470.00
Remove adult hindlimb dewclaws£290.00
Remove blocked meibomian gland£470.00
Remove foreign body intestines no anastomosis£1,000.00
Remove foreign body intestines with anastomosis£2,200.00
Repair Aural Haematoma£470.00
Repair avulsed tibial crest£1,700.00
Repair Entropion (1 eye)£470.00
Repair Entropion (2 eyes)£1,000.00
Sedate + claw clip£86.00
Sedate + examine mouth/ pharynx + BOAS assessment£170.00
Sedate + explore for grass seed£300.00
Sedate + lance/clean abscess£300.00
Sedate + remove foreign body from ear£210.00
Sedate and dematt £110.00
Simple biopsy under sedation (excludes lab fees)£180.00
Skin fold removal£470.00
Skin investigation (incl sedation, scrapes, cons, biopsies)£440.00
Skin investigation (incl sedation, scrapes, cons, biopsies, T4) with allergy test£1,100.00
Small or Simple Hernia Repair£300.00
Stitch Wound: 2-5cm£470.00
Stitch wound: up to 2cm£300.00
Stomach tube£300.00
Tack puppy eyelid£99.00
Tail Amputation£1,000.00
Thoracocentesis Dog£300.00
Thoracoscopy + pericardectomy£1,700.00
Toe removal£470.00
Total Ear Canal Ablation + Bulla Osteotomy per ear£1,700.00
Ulnar Osteotomy£1,700.00
Ultrasound scan£280.00
Ultrasound scan guided pericardiocentesis£600.00
Unilateral Thyroidectomy Ca£1,000.00
Video Flexible Endoscopic examination£470.00
Xray Double Contrast Cystography£330.00
Xray Series - Abdomen£330.00
Xray Series - Abdomen Contrast study£800.00
Xray Series - Chest£330.00
Xray Series - Lameness Investigation£470.00
Xray Series - Lameness Investigation£350.00
Xray Series - Lameness Investigation with contrast agent£470.00
Xray Series - Skull£350.00
Xray Series - Spine myelogram£700.00