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Dental Health – it’s really important

Looking after our pets’ teeth can be hard- they won’t have them brushed, they don’t eat the right things, some don’t like chewing etc. etc. But without looking after their teeth they can soon run into problems. Imagine what your teeth would look like if you neglected them- that can happen to them too. Some dogs and cats never seem …

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Haemorrhagic diarrhoea warning

We’re seeing quite a large upswing in the number of cases of bloody diarrhoea. Signs include vomiting, a painful belly and blood in stools which can range from soft to very watery. This is in addition to a confirmed case of parvovirus in Banbury. These cases are responding well to intravenous fluids and symptomatic treatment but we’ve not been able …

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Why are cats so sensitive to poisoning?

Whenever I publish a post on poisoning, there always seems to be an extra bit on the end for all the odd stuff cats are additionally affected by. Why is this? Cats are “obligate carnivores” i.e. they get all their nutritional and energy requirements from eating other animals; it’s why most vets would advise against trying to feed a vegan …

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A conversation with behaviourist Natalie Weller-Cliff

Nats very kindly agreed to chat to me in a live stream to the members of Ask a Banbury Vet Facebook group. We had a long and wide ranging discussion on lots of aspects of understanding and influencing dog behaviour, and I certainly learnt lots. Hopefully we’ll get her back at some point for a deeper dive on some topics!

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Christmas 2018 Opening Hours

Please note our opening hours over the Christmas period are as follows🎄 Monday 24th December – 8:30 – 12 pm Tuesday 25th December – Closed Wednesday 26th December – Closed Thursday 27th December – Open as usual Friday 28th December – Open as usual Saturday 29th December – 9 – 12 pm Monday 31st December – 8:30 – 12 pm …

Staying safe around pets this Christmas

Hi kids- Christmas is only 18 days away (as my boys keep telling me at increasingly greater volume!) With all the excitement and noise our pets can sometimes be ignored. It’s a big change for them and they don’t understand what’s going on.  Sometimes this means they get a bit anxious, and when they’re scared they can do silly things. …