Femoral Head and Neck Excision

Sometimes painkillers, stem cell therapy, physiotherapy and weight loss aren’t enough to relive the pain of hip arthritis. You or I would be sent for a hip replacement, and whilst this is possible in dogs it’s an expensive procedure. Fortunately there is an alternative. Removing the ball of the hip joint in a “femoral head and neck excision/ ostectomy” provides …

We are closing our books to new registrations

We’ve got to a size where if we take on any more clients we will start to struggle to provide the service we always have. This does not affect existing clients – will be running a waiting list for anyone who wants to join us.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease in the UK

Attention all rabbit owners. There is a lethal new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease in the UK. This video has some important points about protecting your rabbit. Please share to your bunny buddies. John

Our Surgical Warranty

Complications happen! They are an unavoidable fact of surgery, and whilst not every case smoothly recovers to a perfect outcome we will always try our hardest to reach that ideal. No blame- Animals will be animals and we appreciate that whilst we hope you will comply diligently with our discharge instructions, accidents do sometimes happen, especially when your back is …

Some thoughts on preventing medical mistakes

The recent tragic death of Jack Adcock as a result of a medical mistake got me thinking about how we should treat those who make mistakes in life threatening decisions, and how we can learn so they don’t happen again. References: BBC Timeline of events: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/the_struck_off_doctor Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Box-Thinking-Surprising-Success/dp/1473613779 BA Pilot who nearly crashed into a …

What’s this lump?

It’s a common question- but can be broken down into five simple categories.

When should we use antibiotics?

Not every infection demands antibiotics- so how do we start to think about the correct and responsible use of these incredibly important drugs?

Craigscourt Gundogs – Courtney and Craig Killpack

I’ve known Craig and Courtney for many years and can attest to their skill and dedication with their dogs. They take us through choosing and training a gundog pup, tips on getting the best out of your dog and we talk about how else these dogs can shine other than on a shoot. https://www.facebook.com/craigscourtgundogs/ http://www.craigscourt.co.uk/