FIV (Feline Aids)

FIV in cats can be tricky to understand – here’s a quick explanation of the key facts

All about diarrhoea

More than you ever needed or wanted to know about the causes and treatment of diarrhoea!

We won the National Veterinary Awards!

Thanks so much to everyone who nominated and voted for us 🙂 The National Vet Awards winners were decided first by a panel of independent judges, who selected 7 or 8 finalists for each category from nominations by pet owners. The winners were then decided on a public vote. We were the finalist with the most votes ever, so huge …

Brexit- the possibility of no deal and its impact on pet passports

If we come out of the EU with no deal in March 2019, there is every chance we may become (for a time) an unlisted third country with regards to pet travel. This video explains the implications both for those of us with pets with the pet “passport”, and for those who are thinking of applying for one. If you …

Stress – sedatives, tranquillisers and hypnotics

Ideally we wouldn’t use to drugs to treat stress, but sometimes we need something to help! There are lots of ways we can manage stress with drugs – in this video I look at the differences in the types of drug available and how to choose the right protocol according to the problem your pet has

What causes coughing?

Coughing isn’t a disease- it’s a sign of an underlying disease. How do we go about working out the problem is? (apologies to non England rugby fans…)

What causes vomiting

Vomiting in cats and dogs can be a major concern. In this video, John takes us through the main causes of vomiting, and what can be done at home to help.