Insurance can be a confusing nightmare!

A Facebook Live video from 13 June 2019 on how to avoid unexpected surprises around pet insurance Original with comments is here:

Thoughts on euthanasia

Coming to the end of a much loved pet’s life can be really hard- what can we do to help us make decisions, and what can we expect?

How to help dogs meet each other for the first time and get along

Dogs meeting each other for the first time can be a stressful situation! Whether they’re old or young, rescues or you’ve had them all their lives, the initial meeting can create long lasting bonds, or create long lasting problems. How can we help this process? What can we do to avoid common problems? What are the danger signs to watch …

Castration – what, why and alternatives

What exactly is castration and why do we do it? In this video we look at the behavioural effects on dogs, and how we can use Suprelorin implants as a reversible alternative. Transcription: Hello everyone, I thought this week we’d talk about castration. It’s something that we do relatively commonly and is often a difficult subject to discuss, especially with …

Travel Sickness

Not as straightforward as in humans, animals often get motion nausea and anxiety when travelling. In this video I go into the psychology behind it and what we can do about it.

State of the Art Canine Sports Medicine and Surgery

A talk at the dog training barn 13 March 2019 on the latest advances in treatment of canine muscolskeletal problems, with some discussion on drug advances towards the end. Videos used in talk: Before and after stem cell therapy: Cruciate injury: Stifle arthroscopy: MMP technique: Shoulder arthroscopy: Shoulder abduction test: Elbow replacement: Hip …

Cleaning tartar off Moss’ teeth

Following on from my article last week, here’s David going through what is looking for in a dental exam, and we clean teeth. Starring my dog Moss! John

A conversation with behaviourist Natalie Weller-Cliff

Nats very kindly agreed to chat to me in a live stream to the members of Ask a Banbury Vet Facebook group. We had a long and wide ranging discussion on lots of aspects of understanding and influencing dog behaviour, and I certainly learnt lots. Hopefully we’ll get her back at some point for a deeper dive on some topics!