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Haemorrhagic Diarrhoea Warning

We’re seeing quite a large upswing in the number of cases of bloody diarrhoea. Signs include vomiting, a painful belly and blood in stools which can range from soft to very watery. This is in addition to a confirmed case of parvovirus in Banbury.

These cases are responding well to intravenous fluids and symptomatic treatment but we’ve not been able to identify an exact cause; however we believe it to be a nasty gastric virus.

Please clean up after your dog, and if they have diarrhoea please get them checked, and ensure you don’t walk them on public paths until it has cleared up. A general household disinfectant should be enough to kill any environment contamination.

If your dog is very old, very young, not vaccinated or is immunosuppressed (they’re on chemotherapy or steroids) then they’re particularly at risk and need to be seen asap.

If you’re at all worried please just contact us and we’ll tell you what to do next.