Update to our Vaccination Policy during Lockdown

Yesterday, vets (except those directly associated with food production) were removed from the Critical Worker category. The Government regulations require that we reduce unnecessary journeys to the practice during this critical period.

Vaccinations are crucial to animal health. Best practice is to give a booster every 12 months, however we have some leeway in when they should be given. Your pet will remain protected for at least 15 months after a booster, so we are asking you to delay your journey in to get your pet vaccinated.

Until the end of February 2021 we are asking you not to book in a vaccination booster for your pet, except in the following circumstances:

  1. Your pet is a puppy or a kitten, or has never had a vaccination
  2. Your pet’s last vaccination was 15 or more months ago

We will continue to vaccinate rabbits due to the myxomatosis season approaching. We will not be able to offer rabies vaccinations during this period.

Thank you again for all your understanding during this enormously difficult period.