Pups in car

Pups in car From Friday 25th September, 2020 we will be closing our books to new client registrations

From Friday 25th September, 2020 we will be closing our books to new client registrations, and reopening our waiting list for pet owners who wish to join us.

This does not affect existing clients – we will obviously still be delighted to see your existing pets, or any new ones you bring into your household.

If you have been meaning to join but haven’t got around to it, or you planned to join but haven’t got your new pet yet, then our registration page will be open until Friday:


The precautions we have been asked to take due to COVID-19 means that it takes much more time to look after your pets. In addition, like many other practices and businesses in general, we are struggling with staff being asked to self-isolate. Unfortunately it does not look like the current COVID-19 crisis is going away any time soon.

Beyond a certain level vets become unable to devote the time required to properly diagnose and treat your pet. The surgery car park becomes too busy and the team is unable to maintain the standard of service we strive to achieve.

From Friday, prospective new clients may join our waiting list. As space becomes available as existing clients move away then we will from time to time accept clients off that waiting list.

Thank you all for helping out and following the guidelines over the last few very difficult months, and I hope you see that this decision is ultimately so that we can continue to deliver the service we always have aspired to.