Pups in car

Pups in car COVID update - we're fully open again

I’m happy to say we’re now providing a (nearly) comprehensive veterinary service; as well as medical problems we are seeing all vaccinations, neuterings and dentals, as well as providing all medication and parasite control needs. We still have to operate a closed door policy though.

Many thanks to everyone for being so patient – our pets keep getting ill despite Coronavirus and we’ve all had to cope with very new ways of looking after them whilst keeping everyone safe!

We now face two major problems in the surgery. We’re having to keep our team numbers lower than usual to preserve social distancing. But we’re also catching up with two months’ worth of delayed medical cases!

What you can do to help

You can help us to help your pets in a few ways:

  1. If you need an appointment please use our online booking app. Our phone lines are extremely busy – booking online will help our receptionists enormously.
    Last Monday our two receptionists took 120 calls over 9 hours, with each call lasting around 5 minutes. That’s 10 hours of calls as well as dispensing medications, calling worried people, posting medication and looking after people at the surgery – I don’t know how they did it!
  2. If you need to see us for a booster, please book in online here
  3. If you need to order repeat medication or flea/worm medication please drop us a line via our website, via info@mansionhillvets.co.uk or message us on Facebook
  4. We are unable to offer nurse appointments as our nurses are fully occupied looking after inpatients. Our vets are fully occupied looking after medical problems.
    We can therefore only see animals that require professional veterinary attention. If your pet needs their claws clipping or matts removing please ask your groomer. Of course if your pet has a medical problem as a result of long claws, matted fur etc. we will be happy to see them, but a full veterinary consultation fee (where applicable) will be charged.
    Six month health checks, weight clinics and cuddle clinics will restart as soon as we are able.