Lockdown Measures

Following the Prime Minister’s instructions to minimise all non essential travel and contact, we have put the following measures in place. These measures will be reviewed on 13th April.

We are amending our procedures to ensure we continue to fulfill our ethical obligation to our patients and their owners while complying with the government’s instructions.

We will be minimising our staff within the building and providing a skeleton emergency only service. We will always be here to help if your pet needs veterinary care.

Please consider whether your trip to the surgery is essential. Use our video consult service or pickup/dropoff service instead.


We will continue to provide puppy vaccines. We will not be able to offer booster vaccines to animals over 1 year old or kitten primary vaccinations. Booster vaccines have a 2 month grace period, so delaying by 3 weeks will not affect your pet’s protection. We ask that all unvaccinated kittens and puppies are kept in the house to stop them picking up any diseases.

Routine operations

We will not be able to perform routine surgeries such as neutering and dental cleaning. We will still be able to perform surgery to address a specific health emergencies and to address more chronic health problems.


Where possible we will post medication to you. We will deal with repeat medication requests by phone or video consult only.

We will be operating with a skeleton staff who will be extremely busy with life threatening problems. Please consider whether you can delay worming and de-fleaing your pets by a month.

If your pet generally does not have a problem with fleas or worms, and does not have a condition that requires special attention to parasite control then we ask you to delay requesting more parasite medication to lower the administrative requirements on the surgery.

Routine healthcare

We will not be able to offer weight clinics, adolescent health checks, 6 monthly health checks, dental checks, nail clipping or anal gland emptying.

If your pet has a health problem caused by a “routine” issue such as painful anal glands then we will of course be able to see them.


These are very trying times for everyone. The measures we are being asked to put in place are not for the working well. They are for the health of our parents and grandparents – the people who cared and gave everything for us. It’s now time to return that care to them.

We will review these measures in 3 weeks in line with the Prime Minister’s advice.

Can I and all at the practice wish you health, both in body and mind.