Getting your pet to the vet safely

More and more people have to self-isolate due to the recent coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak, but our pets still need vet attention occasionally.

We have arranged a special discount with Mel’s Pet Taxi- for only £10 Mel will pick up your pet, bring them to us, wait and bring them back afterwards.

I set up this taxi service as so many of my grooming customers and friends needed a helping hand hand getting their pets around. I love my pets and it’s a privilege to be able to help people out. I promise I’ll look after your precious pets just as if they were mine!

Mel Loveridge

Mel keeps her taxi scrupulously clean and will wear a mask and gloves when picking up and dropping off your pets as per NHS advice.

If you work for the NHS then we will cover the cost of using this service – just show Mel your NHS ID when she arrives or send us a picture of it beforehand.

Mel is well known and we trust her entirely. If you’d like to make a booking or enquire then please complete the form below, or you can call Mel directly on 07900 178162. Currently this service operates in a 10km radius of Middleton Cheney.

    Request a pick up

    What is your pet?

    Mel’s collection procedure

    • Ideally the pet should be collected from outside your house
    • A small/medium pet should be placed in a suitably sized and secure pet carrier
    • You should leave the pet carrier outside the house in a secure location and inform Mel this is about to occur by telephone
    • Mel will bring a clean large towel or blanket and use this to cover and lift the carrier into the taxi
    • If your dog is too large to fit into a carrier securely attach a lead/well-fitted collar
    • Mel will wear PPE including gloves so she does not touch the lead directly
    • Pass the lead through a crack in the door, ensure Mel has a secure grip on the lead
    • Mel will place 2 clean slip leads onto the dog, before removing the existing collar and lead and handing back to you
    • Carriers will be cleaned before returning to you
    • Observe strict hand hygiene before and after collection and return