Something exciting is coming…

A few weeks ago I ran a poll on Ask a Banbury Vet asking what the hardest thing about owning a pet was, and the top answer was the cost of quality veterinary care. I also get lots of questions on the site from worried owners who just aren’t sure whether to bring their pet to the vets.

I’ve been thinking about how we can make it easier for you to keep your pets healthy, and I think I’ve got the answer. I’d like to introduce …

Unlimited consultations for just £6 a month!

The VIP Club is an added level to our Discount Loyalty Club – for only £6 more per month you’ll be able to bring your pet to us whenever you want and you will pay £0 – nothing – for the consultation. From lameness to diarrhoea to cuts and bruises, you can bring them in as often as you like and pay absolutely nothing for the consultation. If you already have an ill animal that needs regular checkups- that’s free too. That’s in addition to keeping all the benefits of being a member of the Discount Loyalty Club.

This is a step into the unknown for me, and as such places in the VIP Club will be limited in numbers.

We’ll only be accepting 100 pets onto the VIP club initially to make sure everything works as planned

Here’s how you can apply – simply fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible


places left

Terms and conditions of the VIP club

  1. These terms and conditions are in addition to the Discount Loyalty Club Terms and Conditions
  2. The VIP club is subject to a fair usage policy to preserve service to other patients. We believe that clinically well animals do not need to be seen more than once every 3 months, however we understand that animals with medical problems may need to be seen more often. If we consider that you are abusing this policy then we may remove your pet from the club.
  3. The VIP club covers Consultations only.
  4. By Consultation we mean:
    • Seeing a vet or a nurse with a medical problem
    • Nail clips, anal gland emptying, health checks
    • Repeat prescriptions
    • Cuddle clinics
  5. The club does not cover:
    • Medication (other than flea and worm treatments under the DLC)
    • Surgical treatment
    • Out of hours surcharges
    • Consultations at vets other than Mansion Hill Veterinary Practice
    • Euthanasia
  6. If you cancel the VIP club within 12 months (except through the loss or death of your pet), you will be billed for the difference between monthly payments made and consults you have had.

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