A slight change in our dog parasite control recommendations

We routinely recommend deworming and defleaing our dogs (and cats!) There are lots of great (and not so great) products out there so we think it’s our responsibility to guide you to the ones we think work the best. We’re particularly concerned about fleas, roundworms and tapeworms as they’re common problems.

For the past few years we have recommended Advocate combined with Droncit for dogs. The active ingredients in Advocate (imidacloprid and moxidectin) protect against fleas and roundworms, and Droncit protects against tapeworms. In addition, Advocate protects against lungworms, something we see very occasionally.

Unfortunately we are having problems getting Advocate at the moment so we are changing our recommendations to Advantage and Milpro. Advantage contains the same highly effective anti-flea ingredient as Advocate (imidacloprid), and Milpro will protect against roundworms and tapeworms, as well as having a license against lungworm. Advantage is applied at the same rate as Advocate- every 4 weeks, and Milpro is given every 3 months (bonus- we’re finding Milpro is better accepted by dogs than Droncit!)

We’ll be routinely giving out these products on our health plan unless your dog specifically needs something else in which case your health plan will cover whatever flea and cover you and we think they need, as it always has.