Over the years we’ve seen a steady increase in the numbers of pets being stolen from people’s homes – national figures show an increase of 24% in the last 3 years!

Unfortunately since pets are regarded by the law as good and chattels, any punishment for an offender is limited to the cost of the pet; this bears no resemblance to the pain and heartache for the family who have lost a much loved individual.

There is a campaign to increase the severity of the punishment for this crime. Please write to your MP via the form below and help support this amendment to the law. The second reading is on 23rd November 2018.

Pet Theft Reform can be achieved by making minor revisions to existing legislation:

  1. Reclassify Pet Theft as a specific crime in its own right within the Sentencing Guidelines, as is the case with vehicles and bicycles.
  2. Revise the Sentencing Guidelines so the monetary value of a pet is no longer the main factor in sentencing an offender. The theft of a dog with a perceived monetary value of £50 should be treated the same as a dog valued at £5,000. As family members, pets are priceless and irreplaceable.
  3. Aggravated sentence provision for pet theft to give the courts more extended discretion.
  4. Treat pet theft as category two offence or above, to act as a serious deterrent.