Mel's Pet Taxi

I’m always really interested in what our clients get up to when they’re not in the surgery, and especially when it involves animals!

Mel and a happy traveller!

Many of you know Mel Loveridge – it’s hard to miss her! Mel is a groomer in Banbury and is a HUGE fan of pets. She’s a wonderful, kind, loving person who goes out of her way to help people.

So many of her clients are unable to transport their cats and dogs that she has set up a pet taxi business.

I set up this taxi service as so many of my grooming customers and friends needed a helping hand hand getting their pets around. I love my pets and it’s a privilege to be able to help people out. I promise I’ll look after your precious pets just as if they were mine!

All of us here at Mansion Hill can really recommend Mel – I’d trust her completely to look after our pets 🙂

If you need a pet taxi, give her a call on 07900 178162