Is your pet afraid of fireworks?

Unbelievably, Bonfire night is only 5 weeks away, and for many pets and owners that means stress!

Have a look at my previous article on tips to reduce stress. However, with a few weeks to go there are a number of things that can be done now to get ready.

  1. Build their safe place, or “den”. It’s important they get used to it in a calm environment
  2. If they need medication, get them checked out now. There are a number of protocols that can be used, and not every pet pet needs the same thing. For instance some dogs will need tranquilisation and sedating in the evenings, but just just mild tranquilisation in the days after the bangs. We can use other drugs to reduce memories of stressful events and hence reduce future problems.
  3. Start the desensitisation programme. You can find the the sound files at the link above.
  4. If your pet is severely stressed around fireworks, make sure your work rota means you can be home with them.

Best of luck everyone!