Casenotes Vol. 14
Have you ever thought about what to do in a veterinary emergency? Who do you call? What can you expect? I’ve put together some tips this week. Is your pet anxious at the vets? We’ve started to do free “Cuddle Clinics” to reduce anxiety. Also a video on lumps- some insight into how we start to diagnose what they might be. – John

Out of Hours Emergencies

When you need a vet, you really need a vet. Let’s face it, our pets are like our children, mysterious individuals that sometimes get injured, show pain or inexplicably start to produces gallons of diarrhoea. No amount of Googling lessens the worry. You could try the “Ask a Banbury Vet” Facebook group, but ultimately you can’t beat speaking to a vet, and it’s best to be prepared

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Video: What’s this lump?

I’m always getting asked about lumps- they can be really worrying, and it’s worth an expert check to set your mind at rest. In this video I explain the logic behind the diagnostic process – it can be broken down into five simple categories.All our videos are now available as a podcast on the iTunes store or via this RSS feed

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Free Cuddle Clinics!

Pets can find it very scary going to the vets. But there are lots of things you can do to reduce this fear and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. The most important thing is – don’t be a stranger to our practice! The more times they visit us, the more familiar it will be. If you can take your pets to visit when they aren’t being treated, they will start to view it as simply a trip out.Just give us a call on 01295 712110 or book in online below. It’s completely free and our team will help any anxious pets start to feel more comfortable here in the surgery. They’ll get fuss, treats and a chance to relax in what could otherwise be a scary place.

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