Casenotes Vol. 13
The debate on whether or not to feed your dog a raw diet can get quite heated at times, so this week I’ve decided to look at the evidence. Also some thought on using antibiotics and tips for pets and the summer hols… enjoy!- John

Raw Feeding- What’s the Evidence?

Raw feeding generates a lot of passion on both sides of the debate, with a lot of claims being made for its benefits and potential dangers. So what’s the evidence?

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Video: When should we be using antibiotics?

Antibiotics are a hot topic- and we need to make sure we’re using them in a safe and respopnsible manner. In this short video I look at some of the pointers we need to be looking at for infections when deciding whether or not antibiotics are going to do more harm than good.All our videos are now available as a podcast on the iTunes store or via this RSS feed

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Summer Holidays are here!

A few things to remember:
  • Tick season is in full swing- remember to remove ticks correctly; don’t burn them off or suffocate them in Vaseline. Seresto collars are brilliant tick repellents
  • If you’re taking your pet to Southern Europe on a pet passport, give us a call and ask us about what specific parasites you need to protect against; sandflies can be a particular problem
  • Similarly if you’re going abroad with your pet pop in BEFORE you go and get a free microchip check by one of our lovely receptionists. You need to know if it’s not working before you go, otherwise your pet could face quarantine
  • atch your dog around barbeques- they can jump up and knock it over or burn themselves, they eat fatty left overs and make themselves ill, and small children running around with sausages and excitable dogs is a bad mix!