The Vet's Scrapbook No. 4

“The Vet’s Scrapbook” brings together all the inspirational and wonderful things we’ve seen written about animals over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy them. John

Mass gathering of Golden Retrievers in Scotland

All in aid of 150 years of the breed. I can’t believe the discipline in the photo!

The different gaits of an animal

A really nice animation explaining the common animal gaits

Should we compete our dogs on hot days?

Tips from a vet who competes with her dog on risk assessing temperature

#ChooseAssured campaign

The British Veterinary Association has produced a great infographic comparing all the different welfare and health farm animal schemes out there. Well worth educating ourselves, e.g. who knew the Red Tractor doesn’t say if hens are caged or free range?

Tips on house training pups

They all did it at some point! Here’s a great article on easing the house training process.

Thunderstorms are coming!

Some sound (geddit?!) advice from the Blue Cross to help our pets through the bangs and flashes.

International Cat Care Youtube Channel

Some fantastic videos on handling cats- these guys really know what they’re talking about. Great for beginner and experienced owners.


An interesting collection of posts on achieving pain relief in our pets through zero tolerance. The paracetamol (which we use extensively) post is a through review with sound advice.

The Royal Army Veterinary Corps is 100 years old

I was lucky enough to serve with the RAVC at the start of my career. The animals take the highest priority with everyone there, from the newest dog handler to the senior ranks. The quality of training by the instructors for the dogs is incredible.

Chemical castration is becoming more popular

Surgical castration of dogs is on the wane as we’re seeing an increase in the use of Suprelorin, a microchip sized implant that renders dogs as infertile and testosterone-less as surgical removal. We’ve found it to be a really useful alternative, with some people using it as a “try-before-you-buy” lead in to surgical castration.