Casenotes Vol. 11


Clipping dogs in hot weather, dental care and vaccine titre testing
Clipping dogs in hot weather gets lots of people hot under the collar- pun intended! So I engaged my research brain and looked the evidence. I’ve done a video on dental care, and we’re now offering in house blood antibody titre checks instead of vaccines for dogs.- John

The (almost) definitive guide as to whether you should clip your dog to keep her cooler

… and the answer is… maybe! It all depends on your dog. Read on for the evidence!

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Video: Dental Health

Dental health is a huge topic and a major problem for many of our older pets. In this video I take a quick tour around what the main problems are and how to prevent them.All our videos are now available as a podcast on the iTunes store or via this RSS feed

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Vaccine Titre tests

Following a really interesting discussion in the Facebook Group “Ask a Banbury Vet“, we’ve invested in the kit required to provide in house titre tests for vaccinations.

The test takes 20 minutes to run and is exactly the same cost as a vaccination booster, and it will be included free in our Discount Loyalty Plan.

So for your dog’s inoculations the “average” programme looks like this:0 years old – primary course of vaccinations1 year old – lepto vaccination only2 year old – lepto vaccination only3 year old – DHP vaccination OR titre test + lepto4 year old – lepto vaccination only5 year old – lepto vaccination only6 year old – DHP vaccination OR titre test + leptoetc.

Of course, you can opt not to have the lepto vaccine though we strongly recommend it.