The Vet’s Scrapbook No. 3

“The Vet’s Scrapbook” brings together all the inspirational and wonderful things we’ve seen written about animals over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy them. John

Banbury Bark in the Park Sunday 8th July 10.30am – 3pmAs part of the Town Mayor’s Sunday we’ll be running the fantastic “Bark in the Park” dog show. See you there!

What’s vet school really like?A great blog from the British Veterinary Association on what to expect at vet school. Required reading for any teenager who wants to be a vet!”I think my number one top tip would therefore be to take time out when you need it, whether that be going home for the weekend, visiting a friend at another university, reading a book, having a bath, whatever works for you! Vet school life is immensely rewarding, but also demanding, so make sure you make time for yourself too.”

Amazing prosthetic helps dog heal mentally and physicallyProsthetics, or artificial limbs, are becoming vastly more complex and useful. Cola can walk again after a horrific attack as a result of this amazing advancement.

Is your cat a tuna junkie?Not just tuna, cats can become obsessive over their food (as if we didn’t know that already!)

B.C. College of Veterinarians bans declawing of catsAbout time too! Come on stateside, let’s get it together on this!

Keeping a rabbit indoors is becoming more popularRabbits are wonderfully sociable and interactive animals with great characters. So why not bring them in? Just watch your cables!

Polydactyly (extra toes) in catsDid you know you see more cats with extra toes around ports as sailors thought they were better at catching mice? Neither did I!

VetCompass- New Study looking at ageing in male versus female dogsThis study included lifespan data on thousands of dogs derived from the VetCompass™ project at the Royal Veterinary College. Unlike the findings in humans, only a small difference in lifespan was observed between the sexes in dogs.

Kent’s first ever cat café is openingSelf confessed crazy cat lady opens cafe where you can have a coffee and cake with some friendly felines! 🙂

9 signs your cat loves youSome feline great comic book art in this listicle. I wouldn’t take the advice too seriously though!nsubscribe from this list.