Casenotes Vol. 9 - Should you neuter your pet? Flyball and "Ask a Banbury Vet"
Flyball, decision making on neutering your pet and a new Facebook group
This week has been a little crazy. We get lots of questions emailed and sent via Facebook, so I decided to set up a Facebook group to answer them publicly. 1,500 members later we’re having a ball! Head over to “Ask a Banbury Vet” to join in.Gordon Boffin, captain of Banbury Cross Flyball team gives us a great intro into the sport of flyball, and I’ve written an article on decision making when it comes to neutering your pet.- John

Should I neuter my pet?

It’s always a tricky decision when it comes to deciding whether your cute bundle of fluff should be given the chance of having a litter, or whether they should be neutered. I believe we should only do surgery when absolutely necessary, and then the minimum possible, so how do we decide?

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Video: Gordon Boffin of Banbury Cross Flyball team

Gordon took me through what Flyball is all about- it’s fast, furious and loads of fun. It’s got a fabulous community behind it and is a brilliant way to enjoy a day¬†or weekend out with your dog. Banbury Cross Flyball Facebook PageAll our videos are now available as a podcast on the iTunes store or via this RSS feed

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Ask a Banbury Vet!

We get lots of questions sent in to us, so I thought it might be nice to answer them in a more public way so we can all share the answers. Well the “Ask a Banbury Vet” Facebook group has gone crazy! At time of writing we’re up to 1,500 members and having great fun swapping pet care tips. Head on over, sign up and join in!