Casenotes Vol. 8 – On being an independent vet

I got to chat to Hannah Oliver-Byrne from Combined Physio this week – lots of really good stuff on the benefits of physio. Also I ponder on what it means to be an independent vet in the 21st century. Oh, and a new benefit from our Discount Loyalty Club.
A PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard) by me has meant that this newsletter hasn’t been going out to half of you – sorry! You can catch up at our Newsletter Archive and find out all about stem cells, agility dogs, keyhole spays, hedgehogs, emotional burnout… On that note, I’ve written a piece on what it means to be an independent vet. It’s not just arms up cows’ bottoms any more. For instance did you know there are only 4 (four) independent vet surgeries left in Northamptonshire?! The way we look after our pets is changing, and not always for the better.- John

On being an independent vet

I love my job. Whether it’s emptying anal glands, performing difficult orthopaedic surgery, cuddling puppies or helping someone say goodbye to an old friend, I know I’m making a difference.

I love the people I work with. They’ll go to the ends of the earth to make sure we look after animal welfare.

I love you, the animal lovers of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. Everyone I’ve met in the surgery wants to do the best they can for their animals. I’m delighted to say we’ve never seen a case of wanton animal cruelty, and we always try to live up to the high standards you set for us.

But life is changing. The march of the corporate vet chains continues. There are now really significant inducements for practice owners to sell out to corporate owners. But what does that mean?

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Video: Physio chat with Hannah Oliver-Byrne

It’s well established that physio can significantly improve post-op outcomes and is an incredibly important tool in recovering from injury. Hannah (owner of Combined Physio) is a real expert and I really benefited from what she has to say.

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Insured? We’ll pay your excess!

We’ve recently updated the terms of our Discount Loyalty Club so you can choose how you take your discount. You can still get 15% off your invoice if you want, but this doesn’t help much if you’re insured.So, if you’ve had a big invoice (over £500) because something has gone badly wrong with one of your pets, you can now opt to have us pay your fixed excess for you. So you pay nothing, nada, zilch- even better if we arrange a direct payment from your insurance to us!So, imagine your pet was in a road accident and it costs £500 to fix them, and you’ve got insurance with an excess of £100:

Insurance paysYou pay
Not in Loyalty Club:£400£100
In club, take 15% discount:£325£100
Opt for us to pay excess:£400£0

Simply tell Sally (who runs our insurance claims) if you want to take advantage of this new benefit when you bring your form in.

NB: sorry we can’t cover co-payments (some companies also charge a percentage of the overall invoice on top of the excess amount)