Casenotes Vol. 4 - John being cooked, hedgehogs and Lin

This week- cute hedgehogs, me getting par boiled and one of our super-nurses

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It’s that time of year again when the warnings about dogs in hot cars are everywhere. I put myself to the test to see just how bad it is (spoiler: very bad). Brackley Hogwatch has some fantastic research into why we’re losing so many hedgehogs. Also a featurette on super-nurse LinJohn

Hedgehog Awareness Week – why are we losing so many?

We’re proud to have been working with Brackley Hogwatch – and we may have found a reason why we’re losing so many of this iconic British species.

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Video: Dogs die in hot cars

It was 25C last weekend so I tested what it would be like to trapped in a hot car. I was shocked at the results.

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Team Focus: Lin Bowen

I think we’ve got a wonderful team, and for the next few weeks I’m going to tell you a bit more about them. It’s Vet Nurse appreciation month, so this week we’re starting with our longest serving member- Lin”I have been a qualified vet nurse since August 1998 and I’ve worked in mixed and small animal practices, as well as worked a couple of years as a locum nurse. My passion is nurse consultations where I enjoy helping owners to help their pet. My favourite part of the job is getting to know the owners and their pets, and seeing the transformation that we can make as a team. For example, teaching an owner little tricks to help their pet lose weight and extend their life – after all, we all want our pets to live forever! I’m also a bit of a nursey nerd and enjoy lab work where I can examine blood films or skin and hair samples under the microscope, helping the vets reach a possible diagnosis for a poorly pet. My day to day job is different every day. I can be consulting one minute, holding a wriggly patient for a vet or taking blood samples the next. Not to mention putting poorly pets on drips, taking X-rays or assisting in the operating theatre. No two days are the same and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s a very rewarding, satisfying and exhausting job and I love it!”