The Vet's Scrapbook Vol. 1

“The Vet’s Scrapbook” brings together all the inspirational and wonderful things we’ve seen written about animals over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy them. John

StreetVetHomeless people can be lonely, and often their pets are their only companion. StreetVet is a practice that takes accessible veterinary care out to those in need. The initiative is spreading quickly across the UK’s major cities and always needs support.

Finn’s LawFinn was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and head on 5th October 2016 during an attempted arrest. Had Finn not protected PC Wardell there is little doubt that PC Wardell at best would gave suffered a serious injury or at worst lost his life. Under UK law there is no specific offence for causing injury to a police animal whilst carrying out their duties. Dave Wardell is trying to change that.

Why do dogs love rolling in fox poo?A dead cert to drive any dog owner’s stress levels through the roof. Bonus points if you’ve got an Afghan Hound.

Police Dog LeiaCouple of days too late for Star Wars Day, but here she is- Avon & Somerset Police Tri Force’s very own Jedi.

All slaughterhouses in the UK will have CCTV by the end of this yearA cracking idea- it’s great to see society valuing animal welfare more and more

Vet Nurse Awareness MonthWhere would we be without them? Champion puppy cuddlers, anaesthetists, infection control specialists, anxious cat comforters, shoulders to cry on, rocks of the practice. Can be tough on the outside but warm and cuddly on the inside. We love our vet nurses.

We need to modernise animal disease surveillance networksAs someone who worked on the foot and mouth disease crisis, I know this has been an issue for years. Now the British Vet Association are calling on the government to use all available data and evidence to protect animals, both large and small.

Simon’s cat – Off to the VetI love these cartoons, and this is genius.

Flystrike in rabbitsIt’s getting warmer (waahey!) but it’s still damp (boo…) Perfect conditions for flies to make baby flies aka maggots. If you’ve got a bunny keep an extra close eye on them.

DogLostA free lost and found dog service. A brilliant idea that’s saved broken hearts across the UK. ribe from this list.