Casenotes Vol. 2 – Alabama Rot update

This week- an update on Alabama Rot, managing stress in cats and what you can do at home for an arthritic dog

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Alabama Rot is a scary disease, but still thankfully very rare- read on for tips on recognising and preventing it. 
We’ve also been working with Canine Arthritis Management which is focussed on helping arthritic dogs back on their feet.
We had a wonderful response to Dief’s story last week, and some lovely comments from fellow animal lovers in similar situations. A big thank you to Klare for sharing what is a difficult time in life.


Alabama Rot

It’s still in the news causing worry. The good news is that it’s still very rare. I’ve put an article on our website with what we know so far- unfortunately it’s not very much. Thankfully the scare in Stoke Bruerne seems to be a rumour only.

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Stress in cats

Video: Stress in cats

We seem to be seeing lots of stressed cats at the moment. Not sure why, but here’s some tips on managing them at home

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Canine Arthritis Management

Older dogs with arthritis

Canine Arthritis Management was set up by a very good friend of mine to help owners help their dogs with arthritis. Their website and forum is packed with great tips on how to adjust the home to help these dogs enjoy life more, and some great stories from people who have faced similar issues.
We’ve been lucky enough to do some training with them and found looking at the impact of the disease on day to day life rather than just relying on pain killers has really improved the quality of life for these dogs. 

Check out their website