Rabbit Awareness Week 17th - 24th June.

Have you or a neighbour got a rabbit at the bottom of the garden?

Rabbits are extremely sociable animals that bring a lot of delight to children and adults but are often consigned to a lonely existence in a hutch at the bottom of the garden. Did you know that rabbits can require attention as much as dogs and cats? This is sometimes overlooked, so in conjunction with National Rabbit Awareness Week, we are offering a FREE rabbit health check with one of our nurses.

We are also encouraging owners to consider vaccinating their pet rabbits against Myxomatosis and VHD – two particularly nasty diseases that cause a lot of suffering to rabbits, and which can often be fatal. This week only we are offering a 20% discount on this vaccination.

Poor nutrition and the wrong food can be a significant cause of conditions such as fly strike, a deadly illness caused when flies lay their eggs in the fur around a rabbit’s bottom.

Even if you think your rabbits are perfectly fine, it’s worth taking advantage of this offer as you will get all kinds of useful advice on rabbit care and husbandry.

Other topics also discussed in this appointment are

  • feeding and diet (a third of rabbits are not fed the correct amount of hay)
  • parasite control
  • environmental enrichment and husbandry
  • companion requirements (over half of rabbits still live alone)
  • dental care
  • clipping nails
  • prevention of flystrike

So if you don’t own a rabbit please tell a Friend or Neighbour who does about Rabbit Awareness Week, you’re then doing your bit to actively promote and improve the well-being of rabbits across the UK.

Click here find out more about RAW, and book your free checkup now.