Senior Clinics - looking after our Golden Oldies

Senior clinics are perfect for your pet if over the age of 8 years as they are now considered to be entering their senior stage of life.

FREE OF CHARGE 30-minute senior pet clinics are run by our team of experienced qualified vet nurses. Prior to the appointment, you will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire which we can email to you and a sample pot will be supplied so that you can collect a urine sample for analysis before or after the appointment.

Further *optional* blood tests are also available at a discount of 50% until the end of June! Don’t forget if you are on our Pet Health Plan these will be free every year!

During the 30 minute appointment, the nurse will do a

  • Head to tail examination
  • Dental check
  • Check your pets blood pressure
  • Body condition check

And will discuss the following:

  • Behaviour changes
  • Vaccinations
  • Advice on recognising signs of illness
  • Grooming / self-grooming
  • Flea & worm control

Should I book?

Anyone is welcome to take advantage of these clinics if you have an older pet any shape or size. Or if you just want to be reassured that your pet is bouncing fit in their later years, book your appointment now with one of our nurses Tess, Lin, Sophia or Ross.