Cutting through the jargon- a discussion on vaccination

Spread the word……. all you need to know about vaccinations, a discussion evening led by Dr John Taylor at The Dog Training Barn on Wednesday 14th June  7.30pm.

Vaccination is a complicated topic that generates fierce debate from both sides of the argument. This entertaining discussion will help you to examine both sides arguments more critically, as well as give an insight into the world of medical evidence. If you want to know what exactly is in that yearly jab, how we work out if a vaccine is useful, and the evidence around alternatives, then this is definitely a talk for you.

Space is limited in the barn, and so places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, so please book in quickly if you’re interested.

This is a free evening with a suggested donation of £5 per person which will be in aid of Dogs For Good.

Refreshments of pizza, wine and soft drinks will be provided 🙂