Are you up to date with your pet's vaccinations?

Or have you let these slip? Well don’t panic- during April we’re helping you to protect your pet’s health by offering a restart course for the price of a booster, and if you join our pet health plan there’s nothing to pay on the day.

Vaccination remains the single most effective method for protecting against infectious disease in healthy animals. By vaccinating your pet, you will help protect your family friend from distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, Weil’s disease, kennel cough in dogs and feline leukemia and cat flu in cats. Though vaccination has reduced how often we see these diseases, we still see animals dying in our surgery from these entirely preventable infections.

Don’t forget your pet isn’t just having their annual vaccinations – the vet will do an Annual Health Assessment. Our aim is to pick up small problems which you may not even have noticed before they get a chance to turn into big problems. Every year of their life equals 5-7 of ours, so we strongly recommend at least a yearly checkup.

Need to check when your pet’s vaccinations due? Then send us a quick email on and we will get back to you.

So don’t delay any further get booked in with either John or Ewan. Alternatively, call us for an appointment on 01295 712110.