Back to normality

Not to overstate the case, but September has been pretty hectic. A year of training culminating in doing better than I ever dreamed possible at Ironman Wales, then topping that with Ange and I delivering our own baby son. It’s been a truly vintage month and year. I feel like we’ve completely settled into a wonderful friendly community that welcomed us with open arms.

We’re now settling down into family life. With two under two, it’s busy but we’re gradually finding our way with lots of help from family and friends and colleagues. With that in mind, I’ll be returning to the surgery full time as from next week.

Dr Tola Smith has now finished locumming, and we wish her well with her baby due in November. Some of you have already met Mrs Linda Williams who will be coming to work with us until at least the end of the year. I’ve known Linda for 13 years, have been in the same Stratford sports club with her and played rugby with husband; she’s an old friend and a really excellent vet. She has a Certificate in veterinary imaging and will be our in-house authority on radiology and ultrasound.

Emma is doing really well and enjoying life with her new son, and we’re happy to say we’ll be seeing her back in the surgery early next year.

Looking forward to seeing you all again back in and around the practice (obviously for nothing but happy reasons!) John