Local rabbit owners urged to prick up their ears!

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 2012 begins on 15th September and local veterinary practice Mansion Hill Vets in Middleton Cheney will be showing its support by offering free rabbit health checks throughout the week.

Matt Brash, TV vet and RAW supporter, said: “There seems to be confusion about whether or not rabbits need to see a vet. The answer is undoubtedly. With the support of the veterinary community and the pet retail sector, our primary aim for Rabbit Awareness Week is to educate owners on responsible rabbit ownership, such as registering with a vet for vaccinations, and improve the wellbeing of Britain’s third most popular pet.”

John Taylor, Partner and Veterinary Surgeon at Mansion Hill urges rabbit owners to take action; “Don’t underestimate the benefit of these free health checks – so many owners never seek veterinary advice for their rabbits which is a real shame, especially when simple changes in husbandry can make a huge difference to their quality of life”.

This year the RAW campaign focuses on rabbit vaccinations, to prevent and protect Britain’s most popular small pet from deadly diseases.

“Rabbit vaccinations have also moved on” John continues, “we now offer a single jab to protect your rabbit against the big two killer diseases, myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease, giving immunity to both diseases for a full 12 months. Previously rabbits would have had to have 3 separate jabs on 3 separate occasions to achieve the same level of protection. The new vaccination is cheaper too, and what’s more, we’re offering a further 25% off our normal price during RAW.”

Mansion Hill Vets will be open for free rabbit health checks between 15th September – 22nd September and can be contacted on 01295 712110 to book a free rabbit check up.

For more information on vaccinations for rabbits or about Rabbit Awareness Week visit www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk