Survey 2011- so you think we just filed the results?

Client surveys… they take effort to fill them in, so many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our Grand 2011 survey. We haven’t just filed it away – this is your feedback, our analysis and what we’ve done as a result of your input.

I do tend to read the results in a state of high anxiety, but there’s no point denying the truth! So here it is, a warts and all analysis of the survey: what you said and how we’ve responded.

How do you rate…

…Quality of premises and parking

Excellent 67%
Good 31%
Fair 2%
Poor 0%
What we’ve done: Repainted the building, tarmac’ed some broken concrete outside the entrance, invested in a pressure washer, altered appointment slots to prevent busy periods, asked staff to park elesewhere. Re the comment about vision our neighbour now allows us to prune the bush right back so you get a better view of Main Road.

…Presentation and cleanliness of premises

Excellent 95%
Good 5%
Fair 0%
Poor 0%
What we’ve done: Thanked the staff for being so good at their job!

…Friendliness of the staff

Excellent 91%
Good 9%
Fair 0%
Poor 0%
What we’ve done: Said thanks to our lovely staff again, and gave them some wine!

…Convenience of appointment times

Excellent 76%
Good 22%
Fair 1%
Poor 0%
What we’ve done: Laid on more staff in the mornings and lunchtimes to cater for demand. We’re looking at adding a second consult room, and are constantly reviewing late night opening

…The way your enquiries are dealt with by reception staff

Excellent 80%
Good 19%
Fair 1%
Poor 0%
What we’ve done: Added a second receptionist, tried to improve communication with SMS and emails, made sure the reception staff are informed about clinical matters

…The suitability of veterinary advice given

Excellent 82%
Good 16%
Fair 1%
Poor 1%
What we’ve done: Continued to try our hardest! Emma and I attend continuing professional development training to keep ourselves up to date, and strive to deliver value. We both love our job, and try to do the best for every animal and client we see. However, as the old agage goes “never work with children or animals”. Every case is different, every animal is different, and every client is different. We’re bound to get something wrong occasionally- medicine isn’t an exact science, but we will always do our absolute best to make things right.

…How well the vet conveyed information and advice

Excellent 84%
Good 14%
Fair 1%
Poor 1%
What we’ve done: Given ourselves more time for the more complex cases; these all now get double consult slots (for the price of a normal consult!)

…The range of veterinary service on offer

Excellent 76%
Good 22%
Fair 1%
Poor 1%
What we’ve done: We try to provide an excellent GP service, and seek to further knowledge in some specialist areas. It’s important to know our limits, so we liase closely with some fantastic referral hospitals.

How did you first hear about the practice?

Advert 4%
Leaflet 3%
Signage 10%
Word of mouth 69%
Other 14%
What we’ve done: We see this as vindication for our view that if you provide the best service you can, then people will recommend you- worth far more than adverts, yellow pages etc. We’ve also added new road signage opposite the entrance to help people find us when visiting for the first time.

What was the main factor that made you choose to register your pets?

Location 45%
Price 5%
Reputation 42%
Other 8%
What we’ve done: Wow.. almost half of our clients come because of our reputation! That’s pretty fantastic. I promise to keep us providing the very best service we can.

Other remarks…

Always difficult to read criticism, lovely to read praise. Every single other remarks we received are listed below this section, completely unedited except for names removed. I’ll deal with the criticism by topic:

I graduated at the age of 25 almost £30k in debt, and I feel lucky. Vets now typically graduate with almost double that debt (£60k). It’s a high stress job, with unfortunately the highest suicide rate of any profession; 1 in 50 vets will kill themselves, I for one have already lost two friends in the last 10 years. We get better grades to get into vet school than doctors or dentists, but are paid far less than either.

In other words, we definitely don’t do it for the money!

Of course, every vet surgery has to make a profit, otherwise we’d have nothing to live on. At Mansion Hill, every day Ange and I literally spend £700 of our own personal private money (we’re not Limited) before the door even opens in the morning- this goes on staff, utility bills, rates and of course to the bank! Some days we take less than that, slightly more days we take a bit more- every day is a gamble that we take a bit more. If I get the gamble wrong, nine people are out of a job, I lose my livelihood and Ange, Joe and I lose our home. Setting prices is a high stress, high risk game!

I’m no eagle-eyed businessman, and accept that sometimes prices need reviewing. If you think we’re making a mistake, then tell us. It’s our goal to give you the best possible service we can- we’re not a hospital that charges £000’s and only sees a couple of patients per day, no do we cram our car park and reception whilst we pile ’em high and flog it cheap.
(BTW don’t get me started on loss leaders- we mop up the fallout from so called “value” clinics who charge an unrealistic rate for common services, then when are really needed charge massive prices- £2,000 for a caesarian for instance! We don’t cross-subsidise.)

Cost of drugs:
I agree- absolutely! We can’t compete with internet warehouse giants that get huge massive Tesco type discounts from drug companies and. when you get down to it, I actually don’t want to – I’m not a retailer, I’m not good at retail, I can only sell my hard-won knowledge and experience (good luck negotiating a discount with a company like Pfizer that turned over in excess of $60 billion in 2011!)

However, for prescription drugs we are responsible for warning of side effects, recalling bad batches, reporting adverse reactions, dealing with the licensing administration, treating problems caused by the drug- in fact coping with all the problems a potentially dangerous substance can cause. The retailer sticks it in a bag and posts it to you. We take these responsibilites VERY seriously and they take quite a bit of time. Our prescription charge isn’t for that piddling bit of paper, it’s for all the other admin prescription drugs generate. As stated above, we don’t cross-subsidise- so we don’t load the cost of this admin onto the bills of other clients and give it away for free.

(Whilst we’re at it- feel free to complain to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate about “The Cascade”. This bit of gold-plating of European legislation means we can only prescribe licensed veterinary medicines, and are barred from prescribing absolutely identical and MUCH cheaper human generics.)

Feeling rushed in a consult:
I’ll take this one on the chin; sometimes a glaringly obvious problem comes through the door, the surgery is hectic and being the Northerner that I am I can be a bit too “to the point”! The client and animal get what I see as fast efficient service, but what can be seen as a “rush job”. To anyone who’s suffered this, I can only humbly apologise, and I promise to do better. We do try to space our consults so that no one is kept waiting and we can spend as much time as possible with our patients. Sometimes two emergencies walk through the door at the same time and I’m in turbo mode to keep all the plates spinning. It’s a balancing act- if we overstaff prices go up, if we understaff everyone is rushed and stressed!

Opening hours:
The 24 hour culture we find ourselves in is tough on a small vet practice. I’m on call every night from Mon-Fri (unfortunately Working Time Regulations would mean Emma would legally have to take following day off if she got a night call), so the prospect of working Sat afternoon AND Sunday too is a bit daunting. I think to open later or on Sundays we’d either have to reduce cover elsewhere, or take on another vet. Extra staffing = extra cost so it’s a financial risk. Watch this space as we may trial different working patterns and find out what works best.

We offer 10% off for multiple animal (more than three) appointments as they take less time. We give our veterinary and nurse time free to local charity RAIN, including free visits. We also operate a breeder scheme. I love the idea of a loyalty discount- Ange and I will take a look at this!

The positives:
Thank you for all the really lovely comments we received. To help an animal in distress, and to help a human being who’s distressed, is a privilege- a privilege that I truly cherish.

The comments:
A little expensive I feel
Absolutely fantastic practice. Service is superb everyone is so friendly and we will support the practice fully. Our dog has had first rate care and continues to
Always a great job done. Thanks
Always left satisfied and felt pet has been dealt with extremely well.
Always offer excellent professional yet personal service. You have made some tough times in the past easier to come to terms with. Will always recomend Mansion Hill Vets, you always see the animal and not the pound sign:)
Always welcoming and very very clean. John always puts your mind at rest and makes you feel you are in the right hands.
As my answers convey I am more than happy with the service that you offer.
at the last vet if you have more than one dog you get a discount but for you you need to have three !!!!!!!!
Carry on with the good work – will continue to recommend you practoce
dealing with peoplewith lose of pets very good
Excellent facilities and friendly helpful staff who are both practical and sensitive and give their time generously if any further information is needed.
Excellent services – I have even recommended a friend who has also found the service excellent – very caring about the animals
excellent team very friendly and very caring xx
Felt rushed last time I had an appointment with John when I really wanted to talk about the problem which has been recurring and has cost £100 with appointments & meds. I’ve come to my own solution now. Will still stay with Mansion Hill but will perhaps be more forceful next time instead of letting myself be rushed out in 1 minute flat!
For source, I selected “Other”. It was from an internet search whilst looking for vets near Banbury. Can’t fault the service at all, and always recommend to people looking for a vets.
Friendly, competent, efficient treatment and advice – an altogether positive experience.
Good friendly service and advice
Good job basically!
good, local service. keep up the good work!
Great Staff always put you at your ease
Have never had cause for complaint very difficult to think of any areas that could be improved upon.
Having to pay for repeat perscribtions and not able to obtain them at a more resonable price from yourselfs.
helpful and freindly advice from all people
Hope they would consider looking after larger breeds like horses.
I am very happy with the service my pet receives from the practice. Both my pets are made to feel special even though one has an over shot jaw. He is made to feel welcome!! Thank you,
I came over to you because of Johns care and expertise. Of course price’s do come into it aswell, so I do hope that any increases will be kept to a minimum
I feel the practice treats my pets as one of their own.With a caring manner and a great understanding.
i feel your waiting room is too sterile, not welcoming enough and a bit plain & boring. Also opening times could be extended as i believe closing at 6pm takes away alot of customers who work full time. Overall, your staff are wonderful and friendly and i feel they understand my pets unlike other vets in the area.
I find you a very good vet practice, but disappointed with the out of hours service, i moved from this vets only to find that they are the OOH partners
I have always felt valued whenever I have brought any of my pets in, I would highly recommend Mansion Hill to friends and family. Thank you for your continuos kindness and helpfulness!!!
I love your practice because you go the extra mile i.e Harry xxxxx -I was allowed to visit every day and get in everyones way!but still made to feel welcome.You do home visits without making a drama and do not overcharge.Because of the confidence you inspire in your clients I would be quite happy to buy more products if they were available and you recommended them, I know the waiting room is quite small but I feel you could extend your range and having worked briefly in a vet practice I realised that owners will often buy “get well”presents for their animals as well as large bags of specialist feeds which were ordered on behalf of clients I know this is more retail that vet but it makes money and clients are happy with the service.
I now live some way from the vet’s but always return for my dogs treatment, and recommend them to other’s.
I really do like seeing John whenever I go having previously been registered at a large practice where I never saw the same person twice. Everybody is very friendly and I always feel confident that my dog will not be ignored in a corner if for some reason she has to stay in.
I think u should give breeders a discount!
I think you are just right in all areas and am very happy with your services.
I’d just like to say thank you to all the staff at the surgery for their help and friendliness. Having worked with many surgeries over the years your practice is a breath of fresh air.
I’m certain that Oscar is registered at the best vets imaginable. Mansion Hill boasts true excellence.
I’m constantly very grateful that you’re just around the corner and never ever make me feel that I’m being a nuisance even if I am!!
I’m really pleased I took my friend’s advice and brought my cat to you. Staff are always friendly and approachable. My only quibble would be that sometimes the person on reception can be held up on phone calls whilst you’re waiting to talk to them, but maybe that’s just me being impatient.
It will be 100% GREAT when you can cope with “out of hours” calls!
It would have been nice to have had full instructions listed on the dispensing label, sometimes it’s a lot to take in and remember what John has advised.
It’s a very nice practice. Much quieter thank our old practice in Kent. Parking certainly no worse than Kent. Maybe a wee notice board for info like dog training etc., Oh and few more magazines would be good!
John and the team are fantastic, always willing to help no matter how big or small!
Just keep the good work going
keep up the good work
Like your pot of dog treats near scales. Your spot on flea treatment seems expensive.
lovely staff,excellent service, local.The open day last year was great.Puppy parties are a great idea.Excellent all round service
Loyalty discounts on repeat vaccinations? or additional pets? All feeling expensive right now.
Max is very happy with the care he receives.
multiple dog vaccs discount would be nice! likewise worming tablets!
My previous cats were looked after by Hawthorne Lodge but for Max I wanted a personalised, individual service and that is exactly what I have got. Everything about Mansion Hill is utterly professional (from advertising to treatment to care) but personal too. Thank you.
Nothing you can improve upon, great service always offered & really reasonable prices.
Only gave ‘Good’ on parking because there is a vision problem when exiting especially from the right because of tree/bushes overhand obscuring view. Kind Regards Graham
Only that high prices, not unlike any other surgeries of course, make it sometimes prohibitive to have one’s pets treated. Is the high mark up so necessary for the practice’s survival?
Out of hours cover was not satisfactory. Maybe this has now been rectified with another Vet in the practice!?
Really excellent practice where there is a genuine care for animals.
Reception should give the correct amount when asked how much the required jabs will be. Quoted £35 but cost £50
Thank you for supporting RAIN it is a charity very close to my heart having been involved with them for many years. Also thank you for the great way you have dealt with my animals.
The best veterinary prsctice that I have used for my dogs! Many thanks
the efficient friendly caring staff are a credit to you
The fact that John has lurchers and understands long dogs swung it for me.
The only thing I find annoying is the fact that worming treatments can be bought on line so much cheaper than you sell them for but you need a perscription to be able to get them. In this climate I would like to cut my basic pet care costs as much as I can.
The only thing I would like, and not many places can offer this, is more weekend and evening opening hours.
The team always make me and my pets feel at ease when we visit and are very caring
The team at Mansion Hill are always on hand to offer advice and support, no matter how neurotic a parent you are! They always listen and will do all they can to help you. I would recommend them to anyone, and frequently do.
The treatment my dog Alfie received was really good. I couldn’t fault the care that he was given, the only thing that i felt that could be looked at, was the lack of water down for the dogs, especially when the weather is hot. Otherwise a top quality Veterinary pactice and would recommend to others.
The vet and receptionist helped enormously with my visits and tried all possible before a horrible decision had to be made. At that time the vet was caring, supportive and welcoming
This is the first veterinary practive we have used that did not give the impression that they are more interested in making money from complicated procedures than in treating our pets. The treatment is so friendly that the animals actually seem to enjoy their visits.
very friendly, good vets.
Very happy with the practice
Very happy with the service you provide.
very happy with you and your helpful staff great team
Very impressed with whole experience at surgery
Very knowledgable and informitive. Very happy with the service provided and only went in for the annual booster for my dog.
We are lucky to have such a fab vets in the village…
we are pleased with your approach and attitude especially to the animals.Being picky and pensioners our only complaint are the rising fees. A & A Pickles
We cannot recommend the practice enough. The staff without exception are wonderful, and of course John,Angela and now Emma are second to none.
We had no idea about vets in the area and saw a business card in Pets at Home. On calling we immediately found the staff friendly and helpful – Immediately gained trust. We chose to use Mansion Hill and have been very pleased since. You keep our minds at easy. Thank you!
We have been extremely impressed by all our contact with your practice.
We have no issues at all, we find all elements of the service you provide are excellent!
we only got our puppy 10months ago – so we have only been customers for a short while -but we were recommended Mansion Hill & we also but would totally recomend them too! Excellent service – thanks!
We think you’re wonderful !
We’re very lucky to have you!
Website needs updating – still has Easter opening times!
When the boys were neutered, I was not entirely pleased to have them handed back by a nurse I had never met, who failed to introduce herself, with no appearance from the vet. Husband also found this a bit casual. PMR
Would recommend Masion Hill vets to others
Would recommend this practice to anyone
Your drugs are vastly over priced £8.00 for a 5gram tube of a very cheap antibiotic is not good .