How Green is your Business, and is HS2 really the future?

We’re lucky here at the surgery – out of eight members of staff, six walk or cycle to work every day, and Emma’s working on moving closer so maybe we’ll see her on her bike fairly soon! We’ve not got solar but are good candidates as we have a large roof area (if you have any experience of solar installations then we’d love to hear from you).

Businesses are exhorted to become greener all the time, and in many cases reducing waste is sound business practice. It seems to me that encouraging small business in villages and residential areas is important in reducing use of our planet’s resources. Less commuting = less greenhouse gases, simples (and into the bargain we keep residents in our villages which leads to greater community cohesion, better amenities etc.)! If we can’t walk to work, then perhaps more of us can do more at home. As the pace of telecommunication technology development shows no sign of abating, more and more of us will be able to work from home (3D HDTV teleconferences in the next 10 years?)

Our commuting should be decreasing and yet HS2 is still being pushed. A railway line from London to Birmingham that doesn’t even terminate in Birmingham centre, will carve a scar through some of our precious and beautiful countryside, that bypasses most London dormitory villages and towns, and which will face falling demand!

Lizzy Williams ( is doing a fantastic job organising some of the fight against this mad idea. It seems the greenest thing I can do this year is to encourage you all to add your voices to the ever swelling chorus of protest.

Only we can stop this:
Transport Minister warns of impact of anti-HS2 lobby (Birmingham Post)