Special offers in September for Pet Smile Month

Many of our pets are living with infection and inflammation in their mouths, in urgent need of dental treatment. Not only is there infection in the mouth – but it can spread to affect the whole body. This is why we and hundreds of other vets around the country are donating our time to tackle this problem. Come in for your free check up to see if dental disease is a problem for your pet

Dogs & cats are often thought of as “just getting older” when in fact the reason they are more lethargic is down to the effects of dental disease. A week or two after proper dental treatment, owners often tell us “it’s taken years off him!” or “she’s acting like a kitten again!” – this can be the clearest indication of just how much the dental disease has been affecting a pet’s health. If your pet has dental disease, take advantage of our half price offer and see the difference in your pet

Rabbits can often suffer from dental problems which may affect eating habits and quality of life. Come in for a check up to have your rabbit’s teeth checked over and for great advice for keeping them in tip top shape.

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