Let’s get Banbury’s pets protected!

Over half our cats and dogs are no longer vaccinated against a range of nasty diseases – some fatal, all widespread, and all on the increase, according to latest UK statistics. But unprotected animals in and around Banbury can relax, owners can get their pets’ vaccinations up-to-date for less with the local vet practices participating in National Vaccination Month – March 2008.

“Fewer and fewer owners are vaccinating their animals against these serious and potentially fatal diseases,” says John Taylor, Vet and Proprietor of Mansion Hill Veterinary Practice. “As a direct result, we’re seeing an increase in the number of animals brought into our surgeries with these preventable diseases, literally fighting for their lives.”

Many owners vaccinate their puppies and kittens when they are only weeks old, but after this two-injection primary course, a single annual booster vaccination is required to maintain that animal’s immunity.

“With our busy lives, it can be easy to let a vaccination course lapse by forgetting a booster,” John explains. “A couple of months go by and suddenly the window for Fluffy’s booster has been missed and the whole course must be re-started to regain required levels of immunity – another course of two injections at almost twice the price of the annual booster.”

March’s vaccination amnesty means it needn’t be expensive or embarrassing to get our lapsed pets on the right track again. Vets that are participating in the amnesty, including Mansion Hill, will be offering full vaccination re-start courses for the price of a normal booster – that’s almost two injections for the price of one. This offer is open to all cats and dogs that have not been vaccinated in the last 18 months.

To take advantage of the offer, log on to www.vaccinationmonth.co.uk to print your voucher then take your pet to a participating vet during March.

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