We take a special interest in treating the many wildlife cases that are brought into us by members of the public.

Unfortunately millions of wild birds and animals become ill or injured every year as a direct result of their encounters with humans and our world.  Not many practices have the specialist expertise needed to successfully rehabilitate and re-release immature, sick or injured wild animals.  However, ex St Tiggywinkles wildlife nurse Tess Merry RVN here at Mansion Hill has the knowledge, experience and inexhaustible passion to give these little critters another chance at life in the wild.

Through the seasons Tess looks after a huge range of animals.  From baby birds, to underweight hedgehogs and poorly badgers, Tess’s hard work and experience helps to improve the welfare of our wildlife.

Mansion Hill is proud to support Tess in her work and donates all the drugs and surgery equipment she needs for immediate medical treatment. However Tess is always pleased to receive donations for our wildlife in the form of food, bedding, cages or money to help with the long rehabilitation process these animals often require.


If you find a sick, injured or apparently abandoned animal, please observe from a distance and call the surgery for advice before approaching.