Modern veterinary medicine for pets from vets who care

We believe that veterinary care is best delivered by someone you know and trust

Angela and I started Mansion Hill Vets because we thought we could offer something different to the pets of Middleton Cheney, Banbury and Brackley. A modern approach to medicine and client service with an emphasis on the traditional veterinary values of integrity, clarity and trust. Come in and say hello! -John Taylor

  • These guys are awesome! Friendly, helpful, kind and also cheap. I would recommend them to anyone!

    -Oliver Hunt
  • I would have no problem recommending Mansion Hill vets. I have always had a great service from them, from routine checks, boosters and emergencies (my cat ate a wasp)! Animal welfare is something very close to my heart and I have always felt that Mansion Hill have put this to the top of their list too which is a winner for me!

    -Teresa Hope
  • Easy to find and to park. Very friendly and efficient reception. Excellent care and attention to my dog, who is happy and relaxed in the surgery. Good value pet plan.

    -Sally Stuart
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  • Best vets by far

    -Tammy Sole
  • John and David are legends and looked after Harley superbly whilst he had SRMA. Touch wood he is gaining weight and on the mend!!

    -Paul Mitchell
  • The kittens were neutered yesterday and are recovering well. This veterinary practice may be small but the care of animals (and owners!) is second to none! We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful vets on our doorstep to care for all our furry family! Would highly recommend to anyone.

    -Millie Robinson
  • I am a breeder and when I moved to Banbury, four months ago, I interviewed all the local practices by phone to find a vet. At Mansion Hill, my reception was warm and welcoming from the first phone call. The receptionist was cordial and friendly and suggested scheduling a conversation with John Taylor, the principal vet and owner. This initial contact – supportive and friendly - has been reliably characteristic of every subsequent experience I have had with the staff. Everyone has time for a cheerful conversation – no one is too busy or too important to talk with me. Everyone knows about my pets and listens to my stories about them. Everyone knows me by name and asks about my non-pet life as well! This is a rare trait in both business and in other medical environments. This is a surgery in which it is clear that everyone loves his or her job! John Taylor has brought people into the practice who enjoy their work, their clients and each other! The effect is radiant! I have never experienced a veterinary practice which was so at ease with itself, its clients and all the animals who come in the door – even if they’re rats! These traits, coupled with the medical competence and success they have demonstrated consistently, mark Mansion Hill as a truly outstanding environment for nurturing and caring for my pets.

    -Doug Connor