Mansion Hill Vets in Banbury, Middleton Cheney and Brackley specialises in treating dogs, cats, rabbits and wildlife.

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We cover the villages of Chacombe, Thorpe Mandeville, Cropredy, Mollington, Farthinghoe, Syresham, Sulgrave, Charlton, Kings Sutton and Chipping Warden, as well as surrounding areas.

Macmillan Coffee Morning - You're invited to join us on Friday 29th September for the world's biggest coffee morning in aid of Macmillan. There will be loads of cakes, snacks and biscuits for you to munch on with coffee or tea if preferred between 11am and 2pm. All funds raised are for Macmillan Cancer Support. We will also be running a raffle with a selection of fantastic prizes to be won. Tickets are available to purchase now and on the day at £1 a strip. Please feel free to share with your friends and family - we look forward to seeing you!
Look who’s back on board! - We're thrilled to welcome David Moore back on board here at Mansion Hill Vets. David officially started back in June and is very quickly getting up-to-speed with everything here and is looking forward to meeting you in the coming months if you haven't already been in to see him. David qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2004. After qualifying, he volunteered for the SPCA in Fiji- helping with neutering campaigns and educating people about animal welfare. He moved back to slightly less sunny Shropshire where he worked in a mixed practice dealing with everything from one-tonne bulls to tiny hamsters! He decided to focus on small animal work and has developed interests in a broad range of areas including soft tissue surgery, heart scans and medical cases. In his spare time he likes playing the piano, dabbling in woodwork, exploring the countryside and spending time with his wife and 10 month old son.
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay - At Mansion Hill we offer the option of a laparoscopic spay when you are getting your bitch neutered. This involves a keyhole surgery procedure - instead of opening the abdomen as in the “traditional” procedure we will instead make two small holes (5-10mm) in the midline of the abdomen through which we can pass a camera and a variety of instruments. The ovary is lifted and fixed temporarily to the body wall before being removed via one of the small incisions. This allows us to find the ovary in a minimally invasive way and remove it very precisely. The two small incisions will usually be closed with stitches under the skin or with glue. Occasionally, more commonly in an older bitch, the uterus will also need to be removed because of some abnormality. In this case we will revert to the traditional spay approach of opening the abdomen. Dogs still need a period of lead only exercise until their wounds are healed. What are the benefits? Compared to a traditional bitch spay the laparoscopic procedure is minimally invasive and so usually means less postoperative discomfort and a quicker return to normal activity. The surgeon has a better view and access during ...
The life cycle of the flea - Fleas are a problem for every pet owner, we often hear 'we are treating our pet every month and still have fleas?' There are four stages in the life cycle of a flea: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Depending on the environmental temperature and humidity levels, the total life cycle will take anywhere from a couple weeks to many months. Optimal conditions for fleas are between 70-85°F and 70 percent humidity. Some facts about fleas (which you may not have wanted to know...) A flea can lay up to 2000 eggs into your carpet 90% of the flea population can live in your carpet Centrally heated houses mean fleas can now breed all year round The flea can survive as a pupa in the carpet from a few days to many months What do we recommend? Treat ALL your animals Treat the environment The vast majority of flea products found in supermarkets are not effective, the only products we recommend for routine flea control are: Advantage Advocate Stronghold Seresto collar If you need any advice or help with administrating the product then give us a call on 01295 712110  
Rabbit Awareness Week 17th – 24th June. - Have you or a neighbour got a rabbit at the bottom of the garden? Rabbits are extremely sociable animals that bring a lot of delight to children and adults but are often consigned to a lonely existence in a hutch at the bottom of the garden. Did you know that rabbits can require attention as much as dogs and cats? This is sometimes overlooked, so in conjunction with National Rabbit Awareness Week, we are offering a FREE rabbit health check with one of our nurses. We are also encouraging owners to consider vaccinating their pet rabbits against Myxomatosis and VHD - two particularly nasty diseases that cause a lot of suffering to rabbits, and which can often be fatal. This week only we are offering a 20% discount on this vaccination. Poor nutrition and the wrong food can be a significant cause of conditions such as fly strike, a deadly illness caused when flies lay their eggs in the fur around a rabbit's bottom. Even if you think your rabbits are perfectly fine, it’s worth taking advantage of this offer as you will get all kinds of useful advice on rabbit care and husbandry. Other topics also discussed in this appointment are feeding and diet (a ...